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Welcome to Malapa Motsetse Foundation

Rainbow Nation

In order for our Rainbow Nation to shine, he considered that it was the moral responsibility of those more fortunate, like himself, to extend the advantages some take for granted in order to build a better future for all.

Charity Fund

By combining a conviction that STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering / Mathematics) skills and English literacy are essential to succeed in today’s working environment, Tim conceived what has now grown into the Malapa-Motsetse Foundation. Registered in 2015 with 33 children, this not-for-profit organisation encompasses a host of charitable projects managed from the Malapa-Motsetse Foundation campus in the historic township of Westbury, Johannesburg.


Malapa-Motsetse Foundation uses the Matific program to boost maths literacy


Malapa-Motsetse Foundation uses Reading Eggs to make learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

lego robotics

Qualifying students (educators and community leaders) will be equipped to coach learners in robotics.

Computer Literacy

Are you interested in learning more about basic computer operation, software, and internet functions?



We provide teachers with courses covering computer literacy, current educational systems, educational leadership, blended learning, differentiated classrooms, digital teaching plans, and the use of STEM digital content in the school and classroom environment, etc.


The National Geographic “Umsuka” Public Palaeoanthropology Project (Nat Geo “Umsuka”), a public outreach programme of the Malapa-Motsetse Foundation. 

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 2005

Children Helped

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Our Facilities

Malapa-Motsetse Foundation STEM-GALACTIC:

The Malapa-Motsetse Foundation STEM-Galactic vision is to serve Westbury and other nearby disadvantaged communities through the educational support of school children by facilitating after-school programmes in STEM (Science, Technology, English Literacy, and Mathematics) subjects. The Malapa-Motsetse Foundation Westbury campus currently hosts 187 registered students from 23 different schools in the area who attend 299 supervised student classes 5 days a week. The campus also serves light meals and refreshments to all learners as well as green space to play and occasionally extracurricular activities like dance.

STEM-Galactic, which provides software-based:

  • Maths (Matific) – online self-paced maths programmes, Grades R-7;
  • English (Reading Eggs) – online self-paced literacy programmes, Grades R-7;
  • Robotics for high school students;
  • IT and general training for teachers.

Our Mission

Our aim is to nurture a generation of young South Africans through the use of digital education, to enable them to achieve an advanced, internationally competitive standard in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects. However our “E” is English!